We’re doing what we’re good at - making Instagram Pages look nice.

In today's world, your Instagram page is the first interaction customers may have with your brand. It’s like a face of your company. We're here to make you look great.

Millennials will make a decision about your company based upon the appearance of your IG.

We believe that looking awesome on Instagram should be easy. The speed at which we work today forces us to wear many hats. Whether you're launching an app, running a practice, selling something, or doing anything else — you should be focused on what you’re doing best - making a great product. That’s why we created Editorial. It’s a service that takes care of telling your story, so you can perform at your best, always.

A successful use of Instagram for businesses starts from a good looking Instagram page. Some companies may also need smart advertisings, others don’t. As our clients say, each dollar spent on a promotion of a good looking Instagram page works 10x better.

At Editorial we specialize on what we’re good at - making instagram pages look awesome. And on maintaining them. It’s like a magazine. To stay relevant, you always need to tell new stories.

We do things a little bit differently.

We treat each Instagram page as a real print Magazine. Based on your product, audience and company’s vibe, your Instagram page will have a personalized direction, style, and theme (i.e. topics agreed upon between client and Editorial).

Let's imagine that you're doing an iPhone app. Topics shared on your IG may include: an announcement from your startup, features of the app, tips for taking better selfies, stories from users, behind-the-scenes footage from your office, a list of the most 'grammable selfie spots, and more.

As print magazines do, your Instagram Page will have a unique theme each month. This way, you'll always be relevant to what's happening in your customer's life.

- Tasha Ro, founder of Editorial

This is how it works:

Please email us at hello@editorial.nyc if you have any questions or just need friendly advice on your Instagram page.

We’ll reply shortly :)